Cartoon Rates

Any reuse on any medium of any of the cartoons or content on this site needs clearance in writing, so please write to or fill in the contact form. Note also each cartoon has its own form, which can be posted. All commercial re-uses will normally incur a fee, to be agreed according to the extent and placement of the re-use. Non-commercial re-uses will not generally incur a fee, but permission should be sought all the same.

Gado is always keen that his cartoons are published as widely as possible. There are many circumstances where the use of Gado cartoons can help you get your message across or increase the sales of your publication.

For example:

  • syndication for regular use in a newspaper or magazine
  • on websites and other promotional materials
  • in fan websites dedicated to Gado or cartooning in general
  • in reports and books to emphasise or illustrate issues
  • in printed and online collections of cartoons either by Gado or by cartoonists in general.

Whatever your use please only use Gado’s cartoons for your own website, publication or presentation once you’ve got his prior consent — they are both his livelihood and his copyright.

Normally permission will be granted quite readily provided that your use doesn’t conflict with or misrepresent the message in the cartoon. Mostly there will be a fee for using the cartoon(s).

Licensing Rates

Category License Price $ (USD)
Website / Blogs School/Non Profit  $25
Commercial $50
Online Educational Course $25
Books E-Book & E-Learning $50
 Self Publishing where Author is paying for Cartoon  $25
Book, Small publisher, less than 3,000 copies $100
Book, Large Publisher, over 3,000 copies $150
Newsletters In House Printed Newsletter Circulation Under 1000 copies $25
In HousePrinted Newsletter Circulation 1,000 – 3,000 copies  $50
External Printed Newsletter Circulation Under 1000 copies  $50
External Printed Newsletter Circulation 1,000 – 3,000 copies  $100
 Others Prints (Calendars etc) $50
Fliers $50
Business Presentation $10
 Under 1,000 Postcards $100

High quality JPEG cartoons are sent, 12 hours after purchase.